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Our web power yoga vinyasa has 11 postural series with each series having its own intention thus leaving the yogi in a renewed experience of vitality, power and freedom. 
The yogis and instructors can adapt the practice by modifying the form and/or mechanics, the length of time or the number of repetitions/sets of the poses.

Power yoga/vinyasa flow is categorized into 3 parts to suit all levels
of practitioners.

1. Beginners level
2. Power 1 for intermediate practitioners
3. Power 2 for advanced practitioners

Often, a pregnant woman’s body has different needs for relaxation and movement. And even the different trimesters invite various practices. In case you are pregnant and new to yoga, it’s better for you to hold off practicing until the second trimester since your body is busy developing a baby!

A postnatal session is specifically designed for new moms, and it focuses on rebuilding stability and strength, releasing the muscle tightness caused by pregnancy and feeding including restorative practices for balancing the nervous system.

Generally, women should wait for 6-8 weeks after a vaginal birth and about 10-12 weeks after a caesarean section before joining a yoga session. The practice is suitable for experienced yogis as well as the beginners.

What should you expect?

Prenatal and postnatal sessions are tailored to fit the needs of your changing body. You will realize that there are restorative poses, and lots of meditation and breathing. Special modifications are provided, including a final relaxation pose.

Chair yoga is a term use to refer to practices that are modified and performed while seated on a chair. The modifications are extremely helpful because they make yoga accessible to those people who lack mobility to move easily, disabled, obese or seniors. Each session is designed to suit the different mobility levels of the students.


During our chair yoga sessions, a yogi can do various versions of forward bends, twists, hip stretches and mild backbends. Other than the stretching, yoga students can also enjoy other benefits of yoga like toning the muscles, improved breathing habits, improved circulation, improved co-ordination, better sleep, a sense of well-being and reduction of stress.