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Most yogis are used to practice yoga in a studio or via videos streamed online.

Have you ever considered how it would feel to have your own live instructor during a session?

Well, at live Rank-Imani web-yoga you can choose between a group of instructors, male or female. Your personal instructor will guide and correct you instantly through a yoga session, and the instructor is able to modify a pose, if needed. All to give you the best experience of the sessions.

By using Rank-Imani live web-yoga and our professional yoga instructors on a regular basis i. e. 2-3 times a week, it will be possible to bring you to advance level within 3-4 months.


For beginners we even provide you with two instructors; one acts as a mirror student, so you can see how to act in the different poses. and the other as your main instructor, will guide you through your session.