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Surprising Reasons Power Yoga Works Magic

Since the first time I practiced power yoga, I just loved it. However, you shouldn’t take my word for it! I mean no one should. You need to prove to yourself because I believe that the best way to demonstrate the value of something is by seeing it work for yourself.

Why we need your help!

All this issues, and more, are being addressed by some organizations but these people still need our help in one way or the other. We intend to make a new building for young boys and girls where they can live and learn. It is currently in an awful state of disrepair with a leaking tin roof, a small kitchen with only a charcoal fireplace and a tiny school with a dirt floor, at a 4-6% sloped angle, that is used for all classes and extra-curricular activities.

Inside Kibera Slum

Life in a developing country like Kenya is never easy especially if you live in one of the slums in a city. Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city and on one of its edge is a slum known as Kibera.  There are about one million slum dwellers in 2.5 square kilometers area. Approximately 75% of this population are under 18 years old and over 100,000 kids who live in Kibera are orphaned.

For the Love of Flying!

I feel blessed to live in a country with massive yoga talent even though not many people practice AcroYoga. It’s not that there are no centers for practicing this exciting workout, it’s the fear in people. I used to think that there are special people who should practice AcroYoga until the day my yoga instructor suggested we try it out after one of the weekly yoga session.

The instructor mentioned that the key component to successful flying is the willingness and ability to relax as you relinquish control to your base. He also said that yoga is taught primarily as a singular practice and that’s why shifting that paradigm to a partner based practice requires a lot of trust and mental clarity. I knew that I have to trust my partner, even though I didn’t know them personally and trust myself too. This was important because in AcroYoga, you have to let go and embrace this newness and challenge that is so rewarding.

Since I showed up without a partner, I knew it was time for me to meet a new friend, if not many, and trust them. Isn’t that what the yoga community is all about? My heart was open and it was exciting even before we could start our practice.

Regrettable Life Mistakes!

Joyce (not her real name), a Langata Prison Inmate, opened up to me one day during one of my visits to the prison. At first, I was reluctant and I didn’t know how to handle her. You know that fear of talking or just interacting with an inmate. I wasn’t sure of how she would react. Well, at last, I put myself together and we had a lengthy talk. Her story touched me and it proved that any decision we make in life has its consequences.

Life before prison

Langata Womens Prison

This is a sprawling complex with the women’s prison and a remand Centre. This makes the prison a maximum security facility. Langata prison hosts women who are convicted of crimes such as assault, murder, and robbery using a weapon from the entire country. It is the largest women’s prison in Kenya.

The prison has a remand and condemn (the actual prison). Remand holds the women whose cases are still pending or on-going while condemn holds women who have already been convicted and sentenced.


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