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Personal (2)

Joyce (not her real name), a Langata Prison Inmate, opened up to me one day during one of my visits to the prison. At first, I was reluctant and I didn’t know how to handle her. You know that fear of talking or just interacting with an inmate. I wasn’t sure of how she would react. Well, at last, I put myself together and we had a lengthy talk. Her story touched me and it proved that any decision we make in life has its consequences.

Life before prison

This is a sprawling complex with the women’s prison and a remand Centre. This makes the prison a maximum security facility. Langata prison hosts women who are convicted of crimes such as assault, murder, and robbery using a weapon from the entire country. It is the largest women’s prison in Kenya.

The prison has a remand and condemn (the actual prison). Remand holds the women whose cases are still pending or on-going while condemn holds women who have already been convicted and sentenced.