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Friday, 30 September 2016 07:27

Letting the Negative Emotions Go

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If you are worried, stressed, angry, sad or grumpy, this post is just perfect for you.


Recently I have been having my own share of days when I get emotionally attached to negative emotions. Sometime I even find it hard to shake off these feelings. I can get mad if things don’t go my way or react negatively even in situations that are beyond my control. Every time a person fails me I get frustrated and disappointed.



Let’s be honest here…no one is perfect. Is there anyone who has never had a bad day? I mean everything always works as it’s supposed to all the time and no one crosses your line, not even you! If this is you then you must be living in another world of perfection.


But if you face difficult situations in life like me, then I need to share some of the tips I have learned from my yoga instructor over time. Rather than staying there and dwelling on the negative emotions while allowing them to control you, you can try out some of these simple practices:


Noticing your breath

Breath is one vital tool that can be used for re-centering. When in this awful moods, ask yourself how you are breathing. Should you slow down and invite deeper breaths? Yes, you should. Notice how you can let go of your negative emotions by emptying your lungs and breathing out. Now that you are empty, you have definitely released something no matter how small it may be. Then it’s time to fill up. As you breath in, you will bring in ease, peace and the calmness that will get to your entire body. Practice these deep long breaths and in no time you will calm down.


Practicing gratitude actively

Think of the things you are grateful for in life, at that moment. You are truly suffering and things seem rough. May be you are overacting. However, you are truly blessed in other ways. It may be your family, health, job, business and even friends. Is there anything you are noticing right away? If there is then be grateful and bring back that smile.


Separating yourself from the feelings you have

Each time you have the negative emotions, you have to separate yourself from that. Assume that the feeling is like an ocean wave that will eventually wash upon the shore. If an ocean wave doesn’t control you while swimming, then neither should your negative emotion crowd your mind and judgement.



Other than utilizing these tips, you can also choose to practice yoga, just so you can work on your entire body. You will get to breath and relax your body and mind by the end of the session. You never know how positively it might impact your life until you give it a try.