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Tuesday, 27 September 2016 07:20

Yoga Practice Tips for Busy Moms

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One morning, I was taking my daughter to school. we had woken up late that day so the school bus left before we could get at the pick-up point. “We need to hurry up baby or we will be late”, I shouted. In the back of mind, I knew very well that she doesn’t like hurrying up.


If I called myself a busy bee, then I wouldn’t be wrong. Usually my schedule is so tight. I never know when to stop. I run a business and have to ensure that my kid gets to school and pick her up after school. Other than that, I have to balance other duties like cooking, shopping, laundry and other cleaning jobs in my house. Most days I get to bed and I am so drained and exhausted.



But, I am lucky I found a friend in yoga. Yoga teaches me that being busy isn’t a badge of honor I should wear but a distraction from the beautiful moments in life. I realized that each time I feel self-pressured and extremely over scheduled to get everything done, I am actually missing being present. Even thou I haven’t mastered how to free my schedule, I know how I can handle such situations better that before.


Yoga has helped me learn how I can recognize each time I am not being at my best. It just makes me feel great.


Each time I get to the mat I feel replenished because I take time to hear and feel my breath and know that these tasks can wait for another 45 minutes. As I move the stress and tension out of my body, I realize that I am reviving myself and I can handle anything that I come across in a better way. Yoga slows down my mind too.


It’s not easy for moms to keep their yoga alive especially if one has to adjust to the unpredictability of their daily schedules like I do. Here are a few tips that have helped me so far.


Being flexible.  You may already have a schedule for yoga practice then something that needs your attention happens. I believe that yoga isn’t just about doing the poses on the mat but about how we handle everything in our daily life. When practicing yoga, we all breathe through some challenging situations but still we remember to stay calm. Don’t let any situation that gets into your schedule prevent you from sparing time to do yoga.

Include yoga time in your schedule. Let yoga be as important as any other thing in your life. Know that each time you do yoga and you are at your best, everyone you live with will be impacted positively.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Some days it’s okay to surrender to the situation. The moment things don’t work as planned then you begin to beat yourself up, you will stress your mind and body. Know that you are responsible for making an environment around you that nurtures not only you but your entire family.


Even if you don’t manage to get on your mat, consider bringing yoga to your daily activities. Stay with your breath, be present and keep moving on even when you face those challenging moments. Then when you get to the mat, indulge fully so that you can benefit. Namaste!