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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 10:39

The Yoga Mystery Featured

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It’s always easy to tell if a person hasn’t practiced yoga before by how they breathe. Usually, regulars take deep breathes through their nose. Even as they do some of the crazy poses like hand stands or side crow, they don’t pant. Although I have not practiced yoga for long, I love watching the newbies, especially those people who have some gym experience.Today I want to tell the story of my favorite practitioner and friend, Eliud.

Eliud is a cool, handsome and tall guy who loves being around pretty ladies. I meet him often especially on Fridays as we hang out. So one day I thought I should invite him for a yoga session. Knowing him well, I knew he would create time. In fact, the idea was so exciting, and we set the date for his first yoga class. We were supposed to meet there and I insisted that he keeps time.
I went for my sessions as usual and guess who came in just when the session was about to start – my friend of course. I knew he had to make an impression and for he didn’t disappoint. This guy strut in with a puffed chest, while looking at the other students in the eye. He was wearing noisy track suit. He chuckled while taking off his sports socks and shoes. Who does that in yoga?
He sat next to me and winked. He then asked, “what kind of exercise yoga routine is this where I have to be barefooted? This doesn’t make sense at all”. I told him to focus, because everyone was waiting for him to settle so that the session could begin. Talk of drawing attention - he just loved doing it.
The class began with Child’s pose – we knelt on the mat, knees wide apart and then we sat on our heels with the hands stretched out in front of us and the head on the mat. Even with my eyes closed, I could still hear him murmuring but I chose to ignore. You know, it’s important to focus while doing yoga and that’s the reason I couldn’t focus on anything else.
Shortly, the huffing and puffing began as we got deeper and deeper into our practice. We got to gorilla pose. In this pose, you are supposed to step on your palms and now my guy couldn’t even touch his toes let alone his palms. Well, our instructor assisted him in modifying the pose and we moved on. We got to wheel pose and I could tell from his facial expression that he was going to deal with me later.
Even though my friend came for the session just to impress the ladies, he totally changed his perspective about yoga. Now we go for our sessions together. To my surprise, he even paid the premium monthly subscription immediately after the session! Am so proud of my friend and despite everything, he is now growing in his practice. He truly understands that Yoga is all about conquering your body!
So, I began doing yoga so I could be more flexible. I usually like it when we get to the eagle pose, dancers pose and tree pose. The back bending series and the abs are also intriguing. Yoga has helped me a lot and I still want to take this long-life journey to build my flexibility and stamina. Let’s meet again on the mat  at Rank-Imani for another awesome workout!

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