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Thursday, 18 August 2016 07:51

Breathing in Yoga!

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Breathing is a very crucial part of any yoga practice because it inspires and promotes your wellbeing while controlling your body’s life energy (Prana). Controlling your breath and using it appropriately with yoga poses and movements is regarded as one way for you to bring more oxygen to your brain, stimulate wellness and create a sense of balance as you practice.


Is there anything wrong with how we breathe?

In yoga, breathing is used to work each and every movement and it also brings about some benefits in itself. The daily stressful lifestyles we lead, not to mention the sedentary working days, can leave the body worn out and that includes our breathing too. Pressures lead to faster and shallow breaths thus the full lung capacity is never used.

Breathing from the chest and mouth breathing doesn’t bring the same oxygen levels. The way most of us live can lead to the tightening of muscles and that can include the neck, thorax and upper body muscles. This can restrict deep breathing.

Are there benefits of breathing as you practice yoga?

Essentially, breathing in yoga is aimed at improving the flow of oxygen into the body and a powerful flow of Prana. This leaves you feeling more energized. Getting into various poses, holding in challenging postures like inversions and focusing on the flow of the poses are all aided greatly by deep and controlled breathes. Other benefits include:

·         Training the body to breath correctly while increasing the lung capacity

·         Increased connection of the mind and body through focused and controlled breathing

·         Improved focus and a greater sense of calm and inner peace

·         Helps in circulation

How should you breathe while practicing yoga?

It’s important for you to breathe through the nose and that you make use of the diaphragm instead of shallow breathing. Breath in through the nose and hold your breath for about two seconds. As you inhale, be sure to feel how your diaphragm is moving up and how the abdomen expands. Exhale through you nose and ensure that the breath is controlled.


For sure, yoga is suitable for your whole being compared to other exercises that just work your body alone. It’s time for you to take advantage of these yoga benefits and start practicing yoga now!