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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 06:19

Things you Shouldn’t Do in a Yoga Class Featured

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You may already know all about yoga benefits. It is incredible for increasing flexibility, toning muscles, relieving stress and much more. But to get all these benefits you need to be self-disciplined and committed to your practice. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t do in a yoga session.


Coming to class late

Coming for your session late is disruptive to both the instructor and your fellow practitioners. Additionally, the instructor plans for the session earlier, so coming late and jumping in for the practice isn’t good for your body. Always be punctual and settle in before the session begins. Coming early gives you a chance to warm up, do some stretches or simply sit and reflect quietly.

Carrying a mobile device

Let’s be honest here, we are all dependent on smart phones to keep our work and lives running smoothly. However, yoga is the most appropriate time for you to relax and do some self-exploration. You don’t need electronics at this time. Constantly texting, checking notification or even answering calls will distract you and those around you. Its best to keep it silent or leave it behind.

Talking to the practitioner next to you

Making friends with fellow practitioners before or after a session is always welcome, but you need to stay silent the moment the class begins. Most yogis relish the session as the time to turn inward and connect with their bodies, so you shouldn’t be offended in case no one chats with you. Just focus on the practice.

Rushing out of a session

Rather than going straight to a dressing room or studio quickly, consider taking some time to reflect on what you did in the class. This helps in retaining whatever you have learned and experienced. Reviewing each and every lesson helps in deepening your personal practice and sharpening your yoga skills.

After a yoga session, you will feel more relaxed, at peace and inspired. Give yoga a try today by getting in touch with us for the ultimate yoga experience!