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Friday, 12 August 2016 05:10

Ways of Overcoming Your Yoga Excuses Featured

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Practicing yoga regularly has many benefits including increasing the sense of your well being. However, sometimes the hectic life and busy schedules can get in the way of your usual yoga practice. It’s common to find yourself having an excuse or postponing a session, but it’s extremely important to be self-disciplined and stick to your class plans instead of abandoning it completely. Do you find yourself making some common excuses to avoid doing yoga? Read on and you will find out ways of overcoming them.


I am very busy

I think this is a widely used excuse. You may say you are too busy to drop by the nearest studio. But, that’s not an excuse anymore because we are offering live yoga sessions to a worldwide customer base via skype. You can practice yoga while at home, at the office or wherever you are.

Also, everyone is busy nowadays! There are so many yogis who create time for a daily practice. Everyone has 24 hours each day – just prioritize and make small tweaks to your routine each day to squeeze in your yoga session.

I am overweight

How can you let such an excuse hinder you from doing yoga? I am not slender but I always practice yoga and I am getting better by the day. So why not you? Did you know that exercises like yoga can be more comfortable to those people who are overweight compared to other workouts such as weight training or running? What’s more, there are modifications for all levels of fitness so even plus size yogis like me and you can ease into any pose quite comfortably.

I am not flexible

Are you intimidated by the extreme bendiness and flexibility of a certain yogi you saw in a video or magazine cover? Do you have classmates who can easily bend over to reach their ankles or do any inversion without much difficulty? Well, here is some consolation: it takes consistent yoga practice and some time to create and maintain that kind or flexibility. You may not be able to twist yourself into demanding poses now but your flexibility will improve over time with more patience and practice.

I am very old

It can never be too late to start your yoga practice regardless of your age. Even though there may be certain postures that can be more difficult for the older adults, most of the poses are not so physically demanding. There are special sessions designed for different age groups so age should never be an issue!

I do not know what I should do

Is your inexperience making you worry because you think you will slow down and burden the entire class? Don’t be. No one really knows what they will be doing during the session. It entirely depends on the teacher so don’t feel intimidated.

Do not allow excuses like these to hold you back from practicing yoga! Get in touch with us today and our instructors will make your practice worthwhile you will never feel like skipping a session.



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