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Monday, 08 August 2016 09:35

Readiness is All I Needed

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I consider information to be the baseline for my advancement anytime, anywhere, any day. As a person, I have been looking for that unifying workout that can fulfill my inner-self until I started practicing yoga. Initially I thought yoga was just a way of stretching, until I did my first session.


Saying yes to a new experience was my first step towards realizing how amazing yoga is. Similarly, the collective preparedness of my body, mind and spirit helped me to get ready. To date I hunger for knowledge, information and any other skill that relates to yoga.

I practice Baptiste’s yoga style and I love it. It has accommodating features of culture and fitness. I am ready to take off and I plan to practice yoga for the rest of my life. As I take this lifelong journey, I plan to inspire the keen watchers, including my family and friends before I expire. I am in acceptance because I know that this is my first step towards resolution and readiness.

Come and join me in this mission and let’s flow downstream together and just like water, we can meander around any obstacle to retain course and attain our goal. Now I practice web-yoga with Rank Imani and my experience has been exceptional since day one.

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